Shake up teaching. To plan or not to plan

Іn this session teachers will reflect on how they feel about lesson planning.

23 апреля
Киев, Демеевская 31а

Teachers will:

learn about routines, encouraging, settlers and stirrers…

decide that timing are great opportunities to scaffold

children‘s language learning

try different lesson plan models

get acquainted with personalized learning, or personalization

experience in making perfect lesson plan


… and discover how to boost kids success!

Хто веде?

Ludmila Spivakova
ESL/Science teacher, Qualified CELTA, TYLEC, BC certified teacher trainer

Час проведення тренінгу

День 1
10:00 - 15:00
Тренинг на тему:
Shake up teaching. To plan or not to plan
Количество мест: 20
500 грн

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