Shake up teaching. Celebrate diversity

This session focuses on SEN-related and cognitive learning needs and not broader inclusive practices. You will explore your own attitudes  to inclusion, how to find out more about your learners so that you can decide how to help them in the classroom

21 декабря
Киев, Демеевская 31а

Teachers will:

state ways in which your learners are diverse

identify ways of finding out as much as possible about learners

recognize and discuss your own attitudes towards diversity in the classroom

list ten different approaches to inclusive learning

reflect on how inclusive your own classroom is and state what you will do to improve this.

Хто веде?

Ludmila Spivakova
ESL/Science teacher, Qualified CELTA, TYLEC, BC certified teacher trainer

Час проведення тренінгу

День 1
10:00 - 15:00
Тренинг на тему:
Shake up teaching. Celebrate diversity
Количество мест: 20
500 грн

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